Farm House Kitchens: Focus of the Ruralverse

The farm house kitchen is the very centre of the Ruralverse; a word I made up to represent that particular country living sphere. In Australia and New Zealand, they call it living in ‘the bush’. Down on the farm, ranch life, rural regions whatever you like to call it, the farm house is a different world to the urban or city abode. The farmhouse kitchen is a large space and a place where stuff gets made. In the good old days, Ma and Pa Kettle, could not just dash out to the shops, because there were no shops. The nearest general store was hundreds of miles away.

Farm House Kitchens: Focus of the Ruralverse

So, the farm house kitchen was the focus of the Ruralverse, the centre of it all for the cow poke and his missus. Mainly his missus, because the cow poke was usually miles away rustling or wrangling cattle or sheep. Or, dead drunk in a saloon in the arms of a whore. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Missus Cowpoke was making jam or smoking or her own bacon. Or, plucking a turkey or basting that same fine bird in a wood fired oven.

In Adelaide kitchens, similar things are happening today, as there is a retro trend happening in the kitchens of well to do middle class Australian women. The Country Women’s Association (CWA) cookbook is back on the bestseller lists; and homemade jams are reappearing in the pantries of professional women. The perfect sponge cake is lightly rising from the grave to surprise geriatrics at church and school fairs. Children are once again being introduced to cup-cakes and lamingtons made by their very own mothers, rather than some factory in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

This is putting a focus back on kitchen renovations and designs. The kitchen servery, so popular in studio apartments, is not cutting the mustard in the houses of home chefs and their cooking up a storm sweethearts. No, in these domestic domiciles, mum and dad cooks are wanting spacious and well-equipped kitchens. They want to turn their hands to pizza and homemade bread dough. They want to flounce about in frilly aprons and make scones with jam and cream. These professional men and women want to dip their wicks in delectable pies and chutneys. Churn their own butter and pickle a few walnuts, whilst they have the time. Cooking is back in vogue and what a super thing that is.




Seasonal Work in Rural Regions: Part-Time and Casual


Farms in rural regions get extra busy during harvest season. Because of this, farm owners employ part-time and casual workers to address the growing demand for additional pair of farm hands. More often than not, these seasonal staffs are needed when crops are to be reaped and gathered. Hiring for extra farm workers takes place from June to November, or depending on the type of crop.

Aside from farm helpers, escorts and call girls get in demand during the harvest season. These ladies do brothel work, especially to cashed up farm laborers. On top of the usual sexual fulfillment, prostitutes offer company to tired and lonely farmers.

The harvest season presents an opportunity for casual workers to earn extra by toiling around farms. This time is also perfect for students who would want to have summer jobs, or tourists who are looking to experience working at farms.

Seasonal Farm Worker

Seasonal farm workers are given chores or assignments that must be fulfilled during their farm stay. For instance, if you intend to work in an orange farm, you may be asked to harvest ripe oranges. Job responsibilities are much different in larger farms. You will get to sort the picked produce, load them up in trucks, drive these delivery trucks to the retailers, or sell these goods at the market.

The salary of casual or part-time farm hands is dependent on their job responsibility and experience. A good number of farms in Australia, United Kingdom or United States offer minimum wage. This being said, incentives are provided to farm helps who will work with machines or farm equipment. Moreover, bonuses may be given if the harvest is good.

Generally, fewer farm workers are needed outside the harvest season.  Those who are looking for extra cash may inquire when there are harvest festivals or during the planting period.

Harvest Picking

One of the most common type of seasonal job is harvest picking. In Australia, tourists and backpackers work as fruit pickers so that they can have extra cash during their stay. Salary is based on the piece rate, bucket rate and cart rate.

Fruit picking is a worthwhile experience. In fact, backpackers do enjoy this job and other farm works. In addition, fruit picking is a good way for backpackers to explore the countryside and meet new people.

Intractable Tractor Related Conditions

Working with tractors has its own risks. For one, drivers are involved in accidents because of rough terrains and unpredictable weather conditions. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a number of farm-related injuries and deaths are related to tractors.

Aside from fatal injuries, tractors can also affect the health conditions of its operators. According to the US Department of Labor, tractor drivers ranked sixth in the list of occupations with high prevalence of nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses.

Musculoskeletal Disorder

In the United States, tractor drivers are among the workers that are at risk of having musculoskeletal disorders. These problems involve our body’s muscles, tendons, cartilage and spinal discs.

More often than not, drivers experience back pains and sciatica due to prolonged sitting in the same position. Poor posture and overexertion can also be the sources of back aches and muscle pains. In alleviating the pain and discomfort, there are clinics that offer sciatica treatment Sydney in Australia.

Driving tractors for a longer period of time can result to leg cramps and pressure in our lower limbs. Moreover, it can lead to disc herniation and poor blood flow in the shanks and buttocks. It is ideal that tractor operators use an ergonomically correct chair to avoid these problems. In addition, appending extra padding in their seats and supporting their backs with pillows will keep them from experiencing back pains.

Vibration Exposure and Risks

Whole body vibrations or WBVs are harmful. These happen when our body experiences psychophysical strains. Tractor drivers are at risk from WBVs, which are channeled from the seat or frame to their bodies.

Research shows that momentary subjections to WBVs engender exasperating sensations to our body. More so, overexposure to these vibrations give rise to chest pain, strain in breathing, nausea and loss of balance. Long-term exposure can result in disorders involving the psychomotoric, physiological and psychic skills of the affected person.

Tractor drivers are also susceptible to vibration sickness. Usual symptoms include headaches, vertigo and sleeping problems. It is advised that the operators and owners of tractors monitor the vibration levels and impose safety precautions to avoid such conditions. Purchasing new tractors where vibration levels are much lower and meet basic ergonomic conditions is ideal.

Gambling the Farm: Online Betting in the Bush


The Conversation reported that farm debt in the country soared by 75 percent over the past decade. In 2014, the recorded debt is at A$70 billion. With pests and diseases affecting the farmers’ crops, the liabilities in the agricultural sector are seen to swell.

Farmers and Debts

The majority of farmers in the country run their farmlands like any businesses. They make investments in the form of land acquisitions and new equipment or farm buildings. It may take some time before farmers break even from these purchases. In the meantime, they incur debts for financing some farm outlays.

Weather conditions greatly affect the country’s farmlands. When there’s a drought, the crops are at minimal. There will be losses and debts. For some farmers, they prefer drought than debt. They can still survive the dry spell, but it will take longer for them to get out of their debts.

Based on the Australian Financial Review, farmers in the country are in deep financial trouble. Some farm owners have bank loans that are more than what they can pay for. Others have financed their farm operations from debts. As a result, they are forced to sell their lands or gamble their way out of debt.

Farmers and Online Gambling

A lot of farmers think that the easiest way to settle their debts is to make wagers online. You couldn’t blame them since gambling companies are offering free bets from bookies for first time players. Gambling is addictive, especially after you win. The adrenaline and the handsome payout will encourage you to spend more for greater returns.

The idea of hitting it big from online casinos is too good not to be entertained. For one, you can pay off your debts in just a roll of a die. This being said, farmers must realize that they can be in deeper debt in a roll of a die also.

With today’s technology, farmers can now easily transform into punters. Online gambling makes it convenient for farm owners to make a bet and let fate decide their future. In addition, the form of entertainment that online gambling gives lets farmers to temporarily leave behind their financial problems. Once this imaginary bubble dissipates, farmers will realize that online gambling is not their way out.

Incentivising Farm Machinery Sales Scandal

Two girls on the couch

Due to the world’s growing population, the demand for food is at its peak. Because of this, a lot of farmlands is needed to fill in the people’s stomachs. As more and more areas are being developed for agriculture, the sales of farm machines and equipment are doing well. For instance, the global sales of tractors grew by 2.8 percent. India and China remains as the leading consumers of farm equipment, followed by industrialized nations in the North America and the Australia.

However, there are reports that the increasing sales trend of farm equipment and machines can be attributed to certain “incentives.” What happens is that farmers are encouraged to purchase farm equipment in exchange for sexual favors. In Australia, escorts in Sydney are used as baits for these sons and daughters of the soil.

Sex as Incentives

Using sex as incentives in business transactions is not that common. In fact, top GSK officials in China were found guilty of “offering money or property to non-government personnel in order to obtain improper commercial gains”, The Independent reported. The company’s executives were accused of providing prostitutes to doctors. This was an effort to increase the sales of the company. 

In Germany, an insurance firm organized a sex party involving prostitutes for its top sales representatives. The Local revealed that the company’s best sales reps flew to Budapest for the said “party.”

Basically, using sex as a reward for employees is a taboo topic. But with the legalization of prostitution in certain countries, sex as an incentive will become the norm. For instance, Australian farmers are splurging on farm equipment partly because of the attractive incentive. The bigger the sales are, the better the sex will be.

Some farmers account the transaction that takes place. Sales agents will approach them and introduce top of the line farm machines. The catch is that when they make a purchase, they get to spend the night with prostitutes. Sales representatives are also given stimuli by their companies. Aside from bonuses, they also get to take home an escort of their choice.

Nowadays, it seems that business and pleasure go hand in hand. With sex being associated with almost every business transaction, the sex industry as well as the company will flourish.